Body Transformation Coach Juggy Sidhu – Why I take Ingenious Active

When I was 11 years old my father was diagnosed with late onset type 1 diabetes and was forced to radically alter his diet. I found watching this complete overhaul of nutrition fascinating and it made me hyper aware of the importance of what we put inside our bodies. Since then I have been devoted to finding health and wellness solutions for real people who need real support.

I took this passion into my studies at university and developed my understanding of nutritional science. I now run a business as a transformation coach, working with clients each day, from busy executives, business owners, parents and grandparents. I developed the 3 Ps of the Health Triad that cater to the Physiological, Psychological and Physical elements that underpin wellness.

With a team of the finest minds covering Injury Rehabilitation, Psychology and Cardiovascular Health alongside Body Transformations, my team and I help clients reverse the effects of ageing, sustainably lose weight and transform their health and confidence forever.

Discovering the amazing range of supplements from INGENIOUS was a revelation for me. Their practice of only using pure active ingredients without any preservatives, additives, binding agents, sweeteners or fillers resonated with my own clean ethos. I use Ingenious Active personally and I recommend this product to all my high-performance clients. With nine amazing active ingredients (including the first vegetarian-approved collagen made from eggshells) the formula of innovative, patented ingredients naturally boosts energy levels, enhances endurance and supports the body during post-exercise recovery.   

During my time as a professional Physique Athlete (when I was proud to represent the UK) I became aware that having the right supplementation is essential to support the body through high-intensity exercise. I am still as dedicated to my training today as I was at my peak, except now, I also have to factor in disturbed sleeps with 2 boys aged 4 and under, as well as running my business. Thats why supplementation and diet are still as important to me as ever. 

With this in mind, I recently released a recipe book packed full of healthy meals and nutrition advice. Ensuring you have the foundations of nutrition in place is vital for a healthy body – from consuming enough vegetables, quality sources of protein and a making sure you include a variety of carbohydrates and dietary fats. Add to this the often-forgotten spices and herbs that not only pack a powerful punch for our taste buds but can provide a heap of benefits to reduce harmful reactive oxygen species and inflammation. For more information click here.

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