Using our multi award-winning technology, this is the only collagen supplement independently clinically proven by science to strengthen your hair, skin and nails

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Building Beautiful Skin

We know it’s a minefield of choice out there. Endless collagen supplement brands are over-promising and under-delivering; you don’t know who to trust as nothing seems to really work. As scientists, we know most products won’t reach your skin, hair and nails having not survived the hostile journey from your stomach to your small intestine. A confusing industry based on little more than hope in a plastic sachet.

We understand the science that makes a collagen supplement work and we understand your skin. We know our clever collagen capsules can strengthen and transform your skin with time and commitment; patience and consistency are essential to producing the very best results.

To give your skin a chance to experience maximum results, you need to allow at least two full skin cycles to occur (approximately twelve weeks), this allows healthy new skin cells to mature and rise to the surface of the skin. If you miss a dose, take less than the recommended daily dose or interrupt the cycle by skipping a few days, it will take longer to see noticeable and optimal results.

Our Building Beautiful Skin subscription plans have been designed with long-term skin rejuvenation in mind as we know any effective supplement takes time to work. No contract. No strings attached. No commitment. Cancel or change at any time. 

Three reasons to choose INGENIOUS



Now you have found the only collagen supplement in the market proven by clinical trials, it’s time to try it for yourself

The science

Collagen supplements aren’t anything new, we know that. But what if we told you that not all supplements are made equal? The truth is that most collagen powders and pills won’t reach your skin, hair or nails at all, having not survived the journey through the stomach. The Ingenious journey is different. After 20 years of research, we perfected a breakthrough delivery system using a plant cellulose capsule which shields the collagen peptides as they travel through the stomach. 

Safeguarded from the drop in pH levels, Ingenious is unique in its ability to survive the hostility of the gut to reach the small intestine intact. It is here we absorb nutrition, and where the capsule dissolves to effectively pass collagen peptides into the bloodstream, where they work 15 times harder. No other collagen product offers this advanced solution.

No other collagen product uses our triple active formula either. Each capsule contains multi-molecular hyaluronic acid, the powerhouse natural astaxanthin and the lowest molecular weight collagen (under half the weight of the industry average) making it easier for the body to absorb.

In a 12-week clinical trial, Ingenious Beauty was proven to significantly improve the quality of the skin in 98 per cent of women tested. We’re confident your journey with us will feel different too.


This UK’s largest independent trial on a collagen supplement ever conducted. 98 per cent of testers demonstrated statistically significant improvements to the quality of their skin

“It’s a beauty game changer” Harper’s Bazaar




Ingenious Beauty uses the Power of Three, a natural triple active formula to deliver all its benefits of skin radiance, wrinkle reduction and hydration.

our ingredients

Marine Collagen (627mg)

The finest collagen from the skins of sustainably caught free-swimming fish – ‘protected’ in our patented capsule making it 15 x more effective.

Hyaluronic Acid (200mg)

A powerful, moisture binding substance, Hyaluronic Acid Complex replenishes skin hydration and elasticity alongside reducing wrinkle depth.

Astaxanthin (4mg)

6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C, helps to protect the skin from UV damage, boosts the immune system and assists muscle repair.

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The Benefits





directions & more

As we age, our collagen levels fall. These falls begin around the age of 25 (unless you are a professional sports person when the falls tend to begin earlier) and these falls in collagen are what leads to visible signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles and stiffer joints.

Everyone is different. Your age, lifestyle and health will all be a factor in when and what differences you notice. In our independent clinical trial, about half the participants taking Ingenious Beauty noticed a difference within one month, but for the other half it took a further 2-4 weeks. However, we also know that for other people who are recovering from surgery, are older than 60 years of age or have unique health issues it can take ever longer for the results to be visible. Typically you will notice smoother skin, with fine lines and wrinkles lessened first, followed by stronger nails and more supple joints. Hair is one of the last parts of the body where people notice the benefits because hair has to grow and this takes a long time. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your particular circumstances please email or phone us.

We recommend taking three capsules daily. The best time to take them is before bed. While you sleep your body goes into ‘repair mode’ so this is the ideal time for the ingredients to work their magic.

The capsules are most effective taken on an empty stomach (or at least an hour after eating). This is because the capsules are designed to pass through your stomach intact and only break down in the small intestine, where you will absorb the ingredients into your bloodstream. Taking the capsules therefore with little or nothing in your stomach allows them to pass through the digestive system more easily.

If you prefer not to take all three capsules in the evening, you may split your dose and take one or two in the morning as soon as you wake. The important thing is getting the total of three capsules in during the day.

All Ingenious Beauty ingredients are GRAS Certified, which means they are ‘Generally Recognized As Safe’. There are no known side effects of taking Ingenious Beauty and it does not interfere with other medicines or supplements. However, you should seek advice from your nutritionist or doctor if you have any concerns. It is not advised to take this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We recommend Ingenious Beauty for men and women over the age of 25 who wish to maintain and replenish their collagen & hyaluronic acid stores. It is also for those who want to decrease the number of free radicals in their bodies.

Ingenious Beauty raw materials have halal and kosher certification. It is also suitable for people with shellfish allergies. Ingenious Beauty is free from: gluten, dairy, wheat, artificial colours, preservatives, sugars or sweeteners, sulphates, caffeine, parabens, shellfish and soya.

The bottle can be kept at room temperature. It is airtight and watertight provided the cap is screwed on properly. We recommend keeping it by your bed, so you always remember to take your capsules before going to sleep.

All our ingenious ingredients are of the highest quality, active, naturally derived and sustainably sourced. Ingenious Beauty contains none of the added fillers or binding agents often found in less high-quality supplements. 
Our three ingredients are sealed in our specially designed enteric capsule shell which is made entirely of vegetable cellulose. We are committed to protecting the environment, therefore all our packaging is 100% recyclable.

For customers in Mainland UK, we offer free delivery. In most cases, if an order is placed before 1pm, your delivery will arrive the next working day. You can also track your order.