What is Ovomet®?

OVOMet® is a type of collagen derived from eggshell membrane (using only sustainably sourced, free range eggs). It is the only source of collagen which is acceptable to vegetarians.

Collagen is what holds your body together and accounts for 30% of the body’s total protein. It is what keeps us strong and affects how we look (such as the condition of our skin, hair and nails) as well as how we feel; the strength of our bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. It’s even in our eyes and teeth! 

Why is it important?

Collagen is often referred to as ‘The building blocks of the body’, for it plays a crucial part in our body’s structure.  Collagen is especially important for people involved in sports or those who are particularly active because high intensity exercise puts great pressure on our bones, muscles and joints.

As we age, we also lose our ability to produce collagen as efficiently as we could before the age of 25. As our collagen levels reduce, we begin to see visible signs of ageing. Our hair and nails become less strong whilst our joints become stiffer and we heal less quickly from injuries. The rate at which our collagen reduces is about 1.5% every year from our mid-twenties onwards. Sports people often experience collagen reductions even faster than this.

In addition, women have a lower collagen density than men; because of this it is more common for women to show premature ageing signs faster than men even though they are the same age.

Ovomet® COLLAGEN and THE skin

OVOMet® has been shown to significantly improve skin health, improving the skin barrier function in just 60 days by 43%. It also helps decrease pigmentation by 9% after 35 days.

In a study of 80 women, 100% of participants using OVOMet® felt an improvement to their skin, 67% felt their hair had improved and 50% said their nails were stronger. 

The clinical measurements corroborated this. After 60 days compared with the placebo control group, those taking OVOMet® had seen a 25% improvement in their skin elasticity, and a 51% improvement in skin firmness.


In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study OVOMet® was shown to have a hugely beneficial impact upon the body. It reduced pain from sports injury by 47% after 30 days. It improved the general condition of joints by 63% and tendon elasticity by 46%. It also provided significant cartilage protection, by an average of 20%.

Clinical Studies

OVOMet® has been shown to:

  • Improve the condition of joints by up 63%
  • Improve tendon elasticity by 46%
  • Added cartilage protection of 20%
  • Decrease inflammation by 41%
  • Improvement in skin firmness of 51%
  • Improvement in skin elasticity of 25%