The best way to buy Ingenious products is through our subscription offer. Take advantage of amazing savings and automated renewals to ensure you never run out of your favourite supplement.

The Benefits

Save money

By using our subscription service, you save 33% compared to purchasing three months of Ingenious supplements separately.

works with 'SHARE the secret'

Any store credit you earn from our ‘Share the secret’ offer will automatically be applied to your next subscription payment.

zero hassle

You’ll receive a 90-day supply right to your door every three months so there’s nothing for you to do but feel Ingenious.

pause or cancel

Our subscription service offers complete flexibility. You can pause for up to six consecutive months or cancel anytime with no penalties.

bespoke schedule

We can create personalised subscription programmes for people who are getting through their capsules at a different rate. 

environmentally friendly

As the 90-day supply arrives every three months, by choosing a subscription service you are reducing packaging and transport emissions.

SAVE 33%
Only £120 for 90 days


SAVE 33%
Only £120 for 90 days


SAVE 33%
 £125 for 75 days


Your questions answered

No. Our subscription service is fully automated. The only time you will need to update your card details are when your card expires (which can be done in My Account). Otherwise, unless you are going away or wish to make a change to your subscription, you can relax and know your delivery will arrive, like clockwork, when you need it.

It works seamlessly! When you refer a friend to Ingenious who makes a purchase, a £20 store credit will be added to your account. For customers with a subscription, this store credit will be deducted off your next bill. There is nothing for you to do, it’s fully automated.

Start referring now! Go to Share the Secret to get your unique code. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer.

Simply email us at [email protected], with your subscription order number. If you want to keep your subscription, however, you are not ready for your next delivery, you can also pause your subscription within My Account.

If you are going away and need your subscription order to arrive early, or if  your schedule isn’t working for you,  please phone us on  +44 (0) 207 760 8858 or email [email protected]

If you are away for more than three months, firstly, we really want your lifestyle – secondly, you can pause your subscription until you return. Send us a postcard.

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